Roof Truss Rot Damage.

bill830March 30, 2009

While preparing to replace the fascia board I saw that several of the roof trusses on my house have rot damage in the last 2"-12". The trusses extend a total of 22" beyond the side of the house. Any suggestions on how to fix the trusses to 1) provide the proper support for the edge of the roof and 2) provide solid wood to attach the fascia board to?

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Don't tell the building inspector, but replace the rotted 2x stock, and gusset the repair from both sides with 3/4" plywood and #8 sinkers. The gusset must overlap onto good old truss material.

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Those are tails.

If you have open soffits you can cut back to solid wood, then use pocket holes to attach new wood and fill the pockets.

An invisible repair.

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I would try to ascertain why these sections are damaged, most importantly, so you can rectify it. Might be ice damming, for example.

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Thank you brickeyee, sombreuil mongrel, and pjb999 for the solutions. Brickeyee, the pocket hole idea is exactly what I was looking for. I do have open soffits and I need an invisible repair. Thanks again.

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A Kreg jig is not very much for teh simple clamp on type.

I have been using either four or six of the longest pocket hole screws I can find (#8 x 2 inches) along with a decent amount of Titebond III glue.

I do not use the pocket fillers that are available, but use Minwax High Performance wood filler.

You should also treat the ends of the new pieces with Minwax Wood hardener (especially the end grain).
It fills up the water conducting paths in the end grain, and makes the paint stay on better.

If there are any gaps in the joint between old and new, fill them with wood filler also.

A coat of alkyd oprimer (if available) and two coats of exterior latex finish up the job.

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