Garage Door Problem

kohldogMarch 18, 2010

I'm having a very unusual problem with my garage door. Occasionally it just stops working. The remote control and wall mount are both unresponsive. However, later that day or the next it will work fine again. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now and I can't seem to solve the problem. If anyone has any suggestions on what it may be they'd be most appreciated. Some extra information to help diagnose: The garage when it does work goes all the way up and down without a problem. The wall mount blinks multiple times when it is unresponsive. Hope this helps, let me know.

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Spam John!!

kohldog, when the wall eyes blink take a close look at them. When this happens to me, there is usually a spider trying to make its home on the eyes.

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kohldog I hop you can remember all the places you posted this. I answered you in the Garage forum.

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I have to call peopel to come do it. Last time i made the problem worse! lol!

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Kohls: Does your system have a "reset" or rebaseline mode?

If so, try that. That is the only way I have been able to get our system to recover. Our two systems are from a very successful (dare I say reputable!) garage door opening company that I cannot say, but whose name rhymes with "Blane-alton."

Oh! Did you change out all the batteries with known (meaning you personally checked them) fresh batteries?


PPP (Proud PugParent, PE, PMP)

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