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maybee_gwMarch 10, 2007

I have PSP 7 and love it and am comfortable using it. Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase PSP XI at a reasonable price, so I bought it and installed it...and plan on working with it. But...being the newest program, when I open something in PSP, it goes to the newer one. I would like to have PSP 7 as my default, but I don't know how to change things so that will work. Can anyone help me with this?

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there are a few ways.

first you could right click the file and OPEN WITH, then select psp7,

or you can go into windows explorer, click on TOOLS >> FOLDER OPTIONS >> FILE TYPES (tab), then manually edit every graphics filt type you want associated with psp7 to open system-wide,

or go into psp7 select PREFERENCES >> FILE TYPE ASSOCIATIONS and then list all the iles types you want to open with psp7 (you might also have to go into psp-xi and DESELECT the same in preferences to get the over-ride through.

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