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spinmomMarch 15, 2009

I redid my kitchen in Oct. 2007 (a total gut, remodel). My exhaust hood is over a cooktop and vents to the outside by going down behind the wall into the crawl space and then about 15 feet to vent to the outside. It turns out that for the past year and a half the grease has been collecting on the fan blades and there is nothing in the collection cups. What could be causing this? Could it be caused by the outside vent being blocked by leaves?

Thanks for any help/advice.

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Most vent hood fans are meant to discharge the exhaust immediately, not push it down a run of over 15 feet. Length and turns cause turbulance that will defeat the effective removal of fumes. You need the type of fan that is mounted at the exhaust point so it will draw the air through.

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The only way I know of to trap grease and oils in a residential range exhaust system is to provide a filter that can be removed and washed. I suspect that the cups are more for moisture condensation. If the fan is sized for the length and turns of the duct it should work fine.

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Why don't you post the name and model # of the unit you have.
Do you have the installation instruction?

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