Verizon Unethical Sales

xminionFebruary 27, 2008


Two years ago, I walked into a Verizon store and asked the saleperson to see thier calling plans. I picked the cheapest at the time, which was a 500 minutes plan.

Yesterday, I was talking to a sales rep on the phone, and he stated there is/was a cheaper plan for 350 minutes.

I was never told about that at their sales store. Verizon got a whole lot of money out of me for nothing the past two years. 350 is enough for my call needs.

Do you have to ask the sales rep "is that it?" "Are you sure you have discussed with me all possible calling plans?" Ba*tards.

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Two years ago, the lowest just might have been 500 minutes.
And now they offer 350.

I don't see that as a problem at all!

So, did you change your plan?

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I agree with luann. In those two years, it's hard telling how many times verizon has changed their calling plans.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I agree too.

Here's a good one. Years ago AT&T Long Distance changed their calling plans, dropped the price and renamed it. They called 'me and told me of it and asked if I wanted to be switched to the new cheaper plan. Needless to say, they made me a very happy customer to the tune of about $5 a month.


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I got a flyer in the mailbox from verizon today... $12.95 for DSL for the first 6 months with the first month free. I already have dsl,,, cost me about 30 bucks per month. I should call and complain.

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Just be prepared that the cheaper DSL will be slower...
if that is okay with you, go cheaper!

We pay $15.67 taxes included for our DSL (it is the slower speed).

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I called about the lower rate as I have the slower speed DSL service from Verizon and was told it is just for NEW customers and that existing customers must pay what they are now. I am paying $24.95 per month.

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Those phone systems change the parameters of their service weekly or oftener, it seems to me.

So it woudn't surprise me at all if they'd begun to offer the service more relevant for you during the intervening period.

And might drop it, or the other one, or various other offers tomorrow ... or even this afternoon.

mdr9 - 11 x 4,

Depending on how much you value your time and ease of operation more than the savings, you could perhaps shift to another carrier, if available, then a few months later return as a "new" customer.

ole joyful

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revamp wouldn't go to a car dealership and "trust" the salesman than he is giving you the lowest price, would you? ANy verizon store (or any other mobile phone provider) will have pamphlets, etc outlining all of their available plans. Take a gander! There has got to be a little consumer responsibility.

Oh, and on DSL rates, I usually bounce between broadband cable service and DSL every other year to keep my prices low. Threatening comcast that you're going to ATT will usually yield a significant cost cut. If they don't go low enough, I jump to ATT for their intro rates. Then, back to Comcast for their "new customer" rates a year or so later.

Over the last five years I have been paying around 20-25 a month for highspeed service when the standard rates in my area are closer to 40-45 a month.

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Oh gosh, don't get me started on Verizon! I would build a fire and send smoke signals before ever using their cell phone or internet "services" again. I did get to meet a lot of new people - from India. Verizon has absolutely the worst customer service ever. And now they come to my door. I just said to the last guy, "If your product were any good, you wouldn't be trying to sell it door to door like Girl Scout cookies."

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"Verizon has absolutely the worst customer service ever. "


We have them for land line, 4 cells, and DSL.
I have had wonderful customer service with them... and anytime I needed them, I spoke with Americans (often from PA, which is the state I am in!).

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Services change constantly. I would never sign up for service or buy a phone without checking it on the internet. It is usually cheaper that way, plus if you buy at one of their stores, you already know what is available. I started with BellSouth which changed to Cingular which has now changed to AT&T. I have found several price cuts on the internet over the years. They always change my plan when I show them the newer plans with no problems or hassles.

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That's fine if you are okay with constantly monitoring them and their plans. I just have other things to do! Multiply that times your bank account, your credit cards, your cellphone bill, your cable, your internet- when do you have a life? You have to be a "Philadelphia lawyer" anymore just to take care of your basic business.

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"That's fine if you are okay with constantly monitoring them and their plans. I just have other things to do!"

Well and good... unless you want to hold on to your hard earned cash as much as I do.
I find it is worth my while to keep an eye on things, and to adjust when it benefits me!

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That's why I drop companies and services that are too complicated and that I have to struggle with to get a good rate. (Not to mention adequate customer service.) Life is too short to have to police everybody. If a company wants my business and my $$ they have to give good service and not have hugely complicated structures in which the customer is entered into a maze that keeps ever-spiraling upward. In a competitive economy, the smart companies will realize this. Even land phone companies, which were once monopolies, are no longer able to dictate because we are developing alternative choices all the time.

I have Verizon as my land phone and received (and am still receiving) a ton of ads to use their DSL internet. So I gave it a try. First they brought used and faulty equipment, then I could not reach them for customer service. Every night for two weeks we were on the phone, first holding a half hour or more just to get customer service. Throughout this time, the recording continually told us to contact them by internet - but we never could get ON their internet. Then finally we were connected to people in India who were not really able to help. After two weeks, I finally cancelled the service - and got a whopping bill for "terminating my service early". Uh huh, we never once GOT any service. That was more than a year ago and the bill has still is in dispute. So my point is, no, I don't have time to deal with companies like this. Maybe they do fine in an area of the country that are less populated, but my experience and that of several people I know, has not been one that would lead us to continued use of this company.

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If the 350 plan was indeed available at the time, my guess would be that the clerk was just minimally intelligent and not dishonest.

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