Purple Majesty Millet - Seedling Help

cinder8March 16, 2007

Hi everyone. Fairly novice here and trying to start Purple Majesty Millet indoors.

The seeds were germinated in a McKenzie heated greenhouse with an air temp of about 80F. I woke up 48 hours after sowing to find them already 1/2" tall, which seemed awfully quick to me.

That morning (2 days ago), I removed the cover, took them off the heat mat, and placed them on the sill of a very large south facing picture window (I don't have a light set-up). The air temp in the room is cool at about 60F.

Since I moved them off the heat mat the growth rate has slown dramatically to less than 1/8" per day.

This is what they look like now (2 days after sprouting). They now average about 1" tall.

I can't seem to find any pics online of what these seedlings *should* look like. I was hoping someone would know if they are doing well or not.

Are they too tall? Spindly? Pale? I can't give them more light, but should I give them more heat?

Thanks for any advice. I had to order these from out of Province and I'd hate to lose them. Thanks so much!

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