How to fix cracking ceiling with radiant heating wires?

steve22802November 8, 2011

I have an older house (about 40 years old) and there are a few spots where there are cracks in the ceiling that I'd like to fix. The problem is that it's not just a regular drywall ceiling. There is a layer of drywall, then radiant heating wires imbedded in something really hard, it seems almost like concrete. In a couple places it seems like the concrete layer is separating from the drywall and dropping down slightly at the crack location. So somehow I need to raise the it back up before I patch it so it doesn't make a bump, but I don't want to start breaking the concrete layer up even more. Any suggestions?

By the way, the ceiling heat is no longer working in the room that needs the ceiling repairs so I don't need to worry about hitting the wires with drywall screws.

- Steve

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With the adhesive failing, the only permanant fix is to remove all of the old layers and install new drywall. Yes, it's messy and unpleasant, but once you are done with that job, you are DONE with fixes. Any patchwork type of repair will just involve continually patchwork repairs as the glue continues to fail in other spots.

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Thanks for the advice GreenDesigns. I already did a full ceiling replacement in my bathroom and yes it was a terrible mess. The other room is much bigger and it's difficult to even contemplate ripping out that whole ceiling. :(

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