Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 HELP!!!

slim_2March 29, 2009

I purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 3-28-09, Looked pretty simple to use as described on the box, but lo and behold when you open the package the instruction booklet is of very little help. Looking for someone with experience with this product for advice. I am disappointed, had no idea I would have to sign up with Adobe for a year @ $49.95 to find out how to edit Photos, please help!!

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Hi Slim 2,
Would this link be of any help to you?
click here
I have Photoshop Elements 2, and it has a great HELP menu - I do not think you have to sign up for anything.

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Thank you elly1. I just got the adobe program myself and the booklet leaves a lot to be desired. Vique.

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Don't bother with the paper manual, google for online sites (free). And look at Amazon for good books, I love PS Elements, it has a short learning curve.

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There are a lot of free tutorials out there but here are some you might try. Let me know if they help.

By the way a lot of tutorials on photoshop will also work with photoshop elements.

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