Replacing an aluminum sliding patio door wheel

ceetom1March 28, 2009

Can anyone offer advice on replacing an aluminum sliding patio door wheel. The door is very difificult to slide to the point where I need to lift it to move it. The 8 foot tall door is taller than the opening from sill to sill, which means I may have to remove the stationary door facing the outdoors first in order to remove the sliding door. The stationary door does not have a high sill like the sliding door, so it should be easier to remove. However, I do not see anything to remove the stationary door such as a spacer in the top track or any screws. It is difficult if not impossible to lift up, so there may be something holding it in place. Any help is appreciated.


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The link below gives you the procedure for replacing the rollers---which are most likely the reason your door is so difficult to operate.

You can buy the replacement parts from most hardware stores or home improvement stores.

This replacement procedure also explains how to take the door out of the frame.

All you will need is a couple of screwdrivers---a flat tip and a Phillips tip.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to replace the rollers

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Be sure to check on the moving side if there are any screws in the upper track for security (and if there are not you may need to add them).

It is relatively easy to break in through a sliding door by lifting it off the track.
The little pot metal latch can be broken easily.

A few screws in the upper track sticking part way out to reduce the clearance prevent the door from being lifted.

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