Any uses for unwanted shampoo?

alisandeFebruary 22, 2004

I'm reorganizing my bathroom and pulled out a number of bottles of shampoo (conditioners, too) that I tried but didn't particularly like. My dislike of waste is one of the things that got me into a cluttered state over the years, and I'm trying to fix that. I can bring myself to throw out these bottles, but if I had another use for them it would make me feel betterÂand maybe save some money. Ideas?



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a practice that has caused some negative reaction...I've used watered down shampoo for handwashing some items in cold water...nothing ever was harmed but some people think they have to buy the expensive cold water woolen wash mixes..I just use some watered down shampoo and it's worked fine. I am sure others will come up uses.

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I don't see why it couldn't be used to rinse out pantyhose or knee-highs, if you wear them alot like I have to. You just want to make them smell clean and they're pretty much disposable - no reason for an antibactirial like you'd get in dish soap unless reusing hosery to hang onions from a garden in the cellar.

Can't really use it to clean surfaces from what I've seen of the soap scum that some of them leave in the bathroom.

Do you have a friend with kids who wouldn't mind taking it watered down as bubble bath? I'm sure the kids would love you for it! Your friend ... maybe. Well, it's just an idea!

Eileen :-)

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Some shampoos make decent hand soap. Conditioner can be used for a shaving cream substitute.


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Shampoo is a great stain remover for greasy stains. As is dish detergent. Keep it near your washing machine.

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The blue Dawn dish detergent, which I purchase at my dollar store, is great for stains. If shampoo cleans oil out of hair, it should be okay for hands, silky washables, etc.

Another thing you can do with liquid shampoos, etc.---is make "natural-like"--lol---room sprays/deodorizers. Just add some water along with the unused shampoo into a pump bottle (I save all of my good ones--some go in the trash) and instead of buying the plug-in light thingys and cans of aerosol---just spray the new FREE room deodorizer. It's not as heavy as some of those spray things that almost choke ya to death!

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I second the hand soap suggestion. A bit of conditioner too with the watered down shampoo in a foam pump is great for a creamy nourishing hand soap (I have done it).

I've seen the related thread in the organizing forum. Is there a possibility that your daughter/grandaughter formerly living with you like some of it?


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I clean houses and shampoo is my favorite bathtub cleanser, especially in houses where the children bathe.It is soo good at pulling out bathtub grime, and there is nothing toxic in it,so you don't have to rinse forever and ever if you wash babies there. The chemicals in shampoo are usually milder than those in chemical cleansers, which, if used improperly on fiberglass, can compromise the sealant and actually make cleaning more difficult.It also makes a fragrant sink and surround cleaner.In a small batthroom chemical smells can overwhelm the room for hours. Shampoo makes it smell fresh and clean without the harsh smells that many people are actually allergic to. Sandy

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I second Cupajoes idea. I use a cheap shampoo to wash down the shower while I am taking my shower. Cleans great. Smells great also.

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I give mine to a homeless shelter.

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Give your hair brushes, combs and pet brushes a shampoo. Dilute shampoo (sans conditioner) also works well for hand washing slips, camisoles, nylon knee-highs, synthetic socks, microfiber panties, sports bras, many washable silk garments, pantyhose and light weight tights.

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Give it to kids to use to blow bubbles.

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I also use it to give my combs and brushes a bath. I use it for bubblebath, too.

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Someone left a bottle of very cheap shampoo in our guest shower, and we used it to wash the dog. Her fur turned out quite nicely.

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Hi Max,

The old dog at my (recently deceased) step-uncle's place has rather ratty and matted fur - maybe I should try that with him.

I make a 25 mile rond trip daily to sleep there, to forestall break-ins.

Actually, I've been letting my hair grow all winter, so need the shampoo myself - don't need *too* much, as next to none on top (but I try to wear a hat whenever I go out).

It seems that spring has finally *really* arrivewd - so I guess it's time to get my son to shear me.

Maybe I'll get daughter to do it this time - she's seeking only part-time work, to help look after her mother, who had surgery for colon cancer last fall, now on radiation and chemo. Couple of days in hosp. last week - dehydrated.

Good wishes to all - till we meet again. I'll have to shut up for a while, as I was warned a couple of weeks ago that my membership expires today, and neglected to send off some money.

As I've said before - one can read for free: it just costs if one wants to open one's mouth, around here.

That doesn't sit too well with a former precher, now, does it?

Oh, well.

(usually) ole joyful

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Keep on keepin' on, Ed. And keep checking back.

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