PSP X error need help

terri-miMarch 20, 2006

Hello it's me again. I am trying to open an image in my psp x & I keep getting the message "an error has occured while trying to write to the file" when I close that it says "inhandled exception in the file Exit Instance,code =203,what=" & then another message occures, can't remeber that one. It used to work fine for what little I have used the program & the pictures I have still come up when I use the PSP 7. Do I need to uninstall & reinstall? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks for any help. Terri

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Hi There,

Sorry I can't help you with your Psp X problem, but I noticed that Urlee has posted that Psp X has an update....she is showing Psp X Version 10.03....

Do you have that patch installed?.....if you don't, maybe it might be part of your problem...

Just a thought....


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Thanks, I did try updating it last night but I either got disconnected while it was dowloading or it didn't install or fix the problem. Thanks for the tips, keep them coming. In the mean time I will try downloading the update again. Terri

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Well, I uninstalled the program & reinstalled it again. Nothing changed, still same problems. Then a couple days later & went to try & figure it out again & the program was working correctly like it used to. Don't know what happened but I am not to thrilled with this version but I have it now so will mess with it once in a while. For now I prefer PSP7 LOL Thanks for the tips. Still haven't managed to download the patches since my dial up connection is so slow. Terri

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It takes forever to download but I kept using the computer while it was downloading so it didn't bother me.

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What I sometimes do when I'm faced with a large download; I go visit a friend who has a high speed connection.....I save the download to the desktop, & then either burn it to a cd or move it onto one of my portable flash drives.....then take it home & install it on my system.....

Luckily I have 2 or 3 friends that I can visit & do so on a rotation basis.....don't want to wear out my welcome!! dialup connection is the pits!!!....


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