Cracked mortar around exterior brick..Is this a big problem?

southernmumMarch 3, 2011

Hey, I wasn't sure exactly which forum/category to post this. We're considering buying a house that is well maintained, gorgeous, etc. but have found one visible problem. There are a few places on the exterior of the home where the mortar around some of the bricks appears to be cracked. Just around three or four bricks, but the cracks do go both horizontally and vertically around the brick shape. The house is about 25 years old. Is this just normal wear and tear/age, or could this be a red flag? Of course if we purchase it, we will get it professionally inspected, but I wanted to get some opinions here before we proceed in possibly writing up an offer. Thanks for any advice!

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Cracks in bricks usually show movement in the home foundation/slab, the only real way to have it accessed is to have a professional look the home.

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How did "mortar around some of the bricks appears to be cracked" become "cracks in bricks"?

You probably need to have at least a mason look at the cracks, but if they are hairline cracks with no movement they likely are nothing.

The mortar may simply have dried to quickly.

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That's what we're hoping for, Brickeyee! Thanks, guys, for taking the time to respond! We'll see what our inspector has to say. Hopefully it's nothing but a little age.

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And if it helps to convey what I'm talking about better, the cracks are stair-shaped along the bricks.

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Let us know the outcome; the house most likely has settled. After 25 years movement can happen. One caution Home Inspectors for a sale of a home will usually note the issue but will not make a statement as to whether it�s actually an issue. Look for a structural engineer or a foundation company to do the evaluation.

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