Retrofitting screen on 22x2.5' eave vents

sailor11March 23, 2012

The screens on the eave vents of our 1956 house have long since disappeared. We would like to install some type of screen to deter birds and rats from taking up residence. Preferably the material would also keep out bees. There are about 50 vent openings, one between each set of rafters, and the dimensions are about 22x2.5".

We have tried stapling hardware cloth and 1/4" mesh, but the wood is very hard and the angle makes it hard to use a staple gun. We also tried installing galvanized eave vents, but they do not fit very well and frankly look terrible. We also cut a wood panel, drilled several holes in it, and stapled screen material to the back, but it is very time consuming and does not seem like it would provide enough air flow.

Any ideas? I can't believe we are the first people to encounter this but nobody we have talked to has any ideas. Other houses in our neighborhood seem to have stuccoed over their vents or leave them open.

A couple of pictures are posted here:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi, How about boxing in the eaves with metal with holes in it like on security doors.Try a metal supply and look around I'm sure you can find something that will fill the bill. They probably will have a shear and can cut it to width for you.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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