what qualifies as 'good' paint? quality/health/longevity

lucik77November 10, 2010

So far, most of the paint contractors I've spoken to said that they will not work with any paint that is below the Benjamin Moore Regal line. They all seem to unanimously recommend it.

Do you feel the same way?

What about health aspects? Some paints are supposedly better (less toxic) for your health - which ones are those? Are they really better?

How can I balance quality/health aspects/longevity/value?

Thank you!!!

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100% acrylic is the good stuff.

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I know several pro painters who only use Sherwin Williams products.

Paint is paint is paint.

10 year warrantied paint is usually better quality than 5 year warranty.

18 year warranty is just too good since most folks don't keep an interior color that long.

Acrylic latex is water based, has low VOC(odors/out gassing compounds) so it is healthier. There are several types, gloss, semi gloss, matte, eggshell, and othersa that signify the dried surface condition of the paint. Matte is dull and relatively rough so it collects dirt/etc where gloss is shiny and does not.

Eggshell is the type many designers like for interior walls since is is easily cleaned and durable while not being too shiny.

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The quality of paint is primarily dependent on it's ingredients. There is no latex in latex paint; it's just a generic term for water based paint made with various polymer binders (acrylic, acrylic acetate, vinyl acetate, etc.) that vary in quality and cost. For the finish coat 100% acrylic is the best and most expensive but it is difficult to tell what is actually in the paint because manufacturers don't like to reveal that on the can and they often change the ingredients as the market changes.

If you care, buy the expensive stuff.

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Paint is not paint. I've gone through the same thoughts as you. I will ONLY use Mythic paint. It's ZERO VOC, doesn't stink, goes on well, washes well, and holds up well. If you cannot get Mythic and are going with lighter colors, SW Harmony is a good second choice....I have used almost all different paint brands and these are my favs.

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Thank you very much for all of your advice! I'm meeting with the painter tomorrow and will tell him all the good stuff I just learned :) Thank you!!!!!!

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I'm so surprised no one has mentioned Ben Moore Aura paints! They're my absolute favorite... and a lot of the painters I know use them as well. It's low VOC and has incredible levelling and coverage.

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thanks for your feedback! i too like aura but its more expensive so i settled for the regal line.

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