sapphiresMarch 15, 2006

Okay here is a screen shot of my PSP7 when I open it. How can I get it to look like everyone else's so I can have easy access to the tools and palettes like the rest of you? Thanks again.


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Sapphires- click on view and then toolbars. When the next screen opens check tool palette. I also have standard toolbar, color palette, status bar, tool options palette and layer palette checked. You can check and uncheck them to see if you like them.
Hope that helps.

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I think I finally did it! Man it is hand was shaking so bad. I now see some spots that need to have color that I missed. Here is the one I was playing with. It's a pic of my Mother with my Granddaughter. Thank you all so very much. Now I am off to get my PSP to look like everyone else's. I know if I am going to try to master this program I will indeed have many questions going forward here.


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Okay, I checked some of those things you suggested Judy, now how do I get the tool palette to go on the left hand side going up and down? Thanks.


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That's a good question. Mine is on the left side and I don't remember it being anywhere else. Hopefully someone else will come along and help you.

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What a cute photo. You did good Sapphire.

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Great job Sapphires!

OK, put your cursor on the tool pallet at the top end or left end whichever, until it turns into a four way double arrow, when it does, click and drag the tool pallet to where ever you want it. I like mine at the top so that was one of the first things I tried. Works great ;0)

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Yay Sapphires, U did it!

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Good Afternoon Ladies,
I can't see the whold tool palette bar when I put it up top. I did slide the other stuff over to the left but I can't see it like in Urlee's screen shot. I see as far as the retouch hand. What should I do please. Thank you.


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Hi Sapphires
Not sure if this will help but it's worth a try.
Sue :)

Resetting PSP to default
Resetting PSP to default (deleting PSP's registry) can fix many problems within PSP, errors caused by a corrupt registry missing or greyed out tools and other irregularities.

The big draw back from resetting is the loss of custom settings you have made and having to redo the preferences.
To delete and re-write PSP's registry (reset defaults) do the following:

Immediately after you click on the PAINT SHOP PRO 7 icon press and hold CTRL+ALT on your keyboard.
Paint Shop Pro will ask you if you would like to delete the registry settings for Paint Shop Pro. Select YES.
When Paint Shop Pro opens it will have all the restored features of initial installation.

Sue :)

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