Scanner problems, do I post here?

fuddyduddyMarch 16, 2006

Folks, as I am a newbie to the 21 century and the great innovations we have at hand, am needing some assistance here.

I have a Canon scanner LiDe20/30. Works great, only thing is, on Saturday and Sunday, last, I used it a lot, worked and send scans nicely. Came back to use it Monday nite after work, and this is what I find:

All settings are the same as S/S, but when I click to scan, after a couple seconds this yellow triangle with an exclamation point comes up and text in box says unable to open file. What the heck does that mean? I can scan and copy to the printer, just can't scan and send with email for some reason, worked great over the weekend.

OE, IE, 5, for both, 256 RAM, and at this time, says 50% of resources are free, tho I have been online for quite some time.

Could someone give me some insight as to why for 2 days I could scan and send emails just fine, and next day, I get a yellow triangle with unable to open file box?

Thanks so much. Granny would like to participate again!

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Hi fuddyduddy
I really can't help but didn't want you to feel ignored.

Maybe your scanner has lost the file it used for the drivers - try reinstalling the scanner software with your fingers and toes crossed and hopefully this will resolve any conflicts.

You could try posting at the computer forum - the clever folks over there might be able to help more.


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Assuming your scanner has a USB connection, try unplugging it, then plugging it back in to see if Windows recognizes it again. if that doesnt help, try reinstalling the software as Jacksmum suggested..
after that, you'll need more technical help..

Here is a link that might be useful: Windows and PC help for beginners

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