Help! Roofing felt as temporary leak barrier?

mtnwomanbcMarch 7, 2009

I have a fiber-cement shake roof that's developed a leak above the "witch's" hat for a woodstove, probably due to some slight shifting around of shakes when I replaced woodstove with propane stove. Anyway, I have a small leak that comes into the hearth area -- I used some 24" wide sheet metal under a 3-4' row of shakes, and that seemed to work for a while, but now the leak has traveled and found a new spot to drip down. So, I need to broaden the barrier area beyond/above the sheet metal.

Without wanting to buy yet more sheet metal, could I use roofing felt as a temporary solution until extended dry weather when a roofer can fix the problem? I have some left over from years ago and it seems in good shape. It would be used to shield a 3' x 8-9' area above the "witch's" hat.

I REALLY don't want to go the blue-tarp route!

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as a temp water barrier felt is a good choice.
it has been used for many many years..and
those old guys knew good stuff!
a 30lb felt would be best and will last for
a couple of months, if your repair takes longer
you may want to replace the felt.
(install with button cap nails)
IMO 15lb felt is not worth the $$ and shorter life span.
the main issue is to ship lap so that water drains
off the felt, incorrect install will add to the issues.

lots of blue tarp roofs here...Katrina, Rita and most
recently..Gustav. I'm a bit tired of seeing them myself!

best of luck!

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The projected repair will not keep the water from getting in, it will just have it drip lower in the room. The issue is at the roof protrusion. After it gets in, it just runs down the roof rafter or the sheetrock until it finds it's way in.
Fix the roof flashing detail.

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If the leak is close to the stove make sure it isn't in the chimney flashing especially where it seals to the pipe.

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