wrong price scanned at register

tahlequahgardensFebruary 5, 2003

Went shopping at Target. Love doing this, this time of the year. I bought DH 3 long sleeve polo type shirts and one short sleeve one. Myself, new undies and wool socks.

Everything on clearance! Nice! But after paying I feel like the total was to much, and checked the receipt prior to walking out. There was a mistake, and the marked down price for the undies did not scan in.

Walked straight to the service counter, and got a refund! :) I like it when I see problems right away. I live 3 hours from that target.

Moni in Tahlequah

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Glad you noticed it right away - I usually don't notice until I get home, which means another trip to get it straightend out.

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Funny - I stink at math but for some reason can always tell when I'm being ripped off! I've never been refunded, tho - just given the difference.

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If you have a Kohls in your area, they are very, very bad at that. We bought some xmas gifts there and I posted about our shopping trip at a posting forum and was told to check my receipt to make sure I got what I was suppose to get. I did not get it. I took everything I purchased that day back to them and go a refund. They have been fined in our city a couple of times for marking stuff up to mark it down.

One of the things I like about Wal-Mart is that everytime I buy a lot of items there is always one or two that is price lower than the sign said.

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You know who is really bad ? Kmart. And now the one in our town is closing. They have all these signs up saying "30% off", etc., but then they have all the price tags blacked out so you don't know if you are really getting the discount.
I used to be a scan coordinator and it is one hard job.You have the regular prices, sale prices, prices going up, prices going down,overstock clearance prices, and UPCs that are different on bonus packages. So be gentle!

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