Is there a word for this piece of a door?

graywings123March 10, 2014

I want to describe a problem I am having with a set of french doors, but don't know what to call this piece:

Both doors open inward, but one door can be locked in place top and bottom ( from the outside it is the door on the right). Attached to that door on the outside is a strip of wood that forms the look of a frame from the outside. That strip of wood has a kerf in it for a weatherproof seal.

Is there a name for that piece of wood? It is hard to see in the photo because it is painted the same color as the door, but it is what the red arrow is pointed towards.

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That would be called an " astragal".

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Thank you so much, Millworkman. I googled Astragal, and that's it exactly.

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The internet is an amazing thing.

I learn something new everyday.

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