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Elly1March 4, 2006


I have a tube (the fireworks tube) in PSP 8, and a person with PSP7 wants it. Is there a simple way I can get it to her? - I know there are several fireworks tubes on the web, but she wants this one.

Thanks for your input...

(as you can tell, I am reasonably new at this)

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Elly, I am no expert, especially with PSP, but I think you would be able to email the tube to her with no problem. Open a new email and click on insert, file attachments, file. When a new box opens, browse to find your tube file. Once there, click on the tube you want to send.

It should work. But then, I'm just a boid brain. LOL

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Hi Elly
When you save the tube you need to make it psp7 compatible for your friend.

Hope the screen shots explain
Sue :)

Then click OK.
Once it's saved it should be ready to open in version 7 as well.

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