How do you get gift cards for less than they are worth?

michelle_s_phxazFebruary 27, 2004

I have seen on eBay people selling many different types of giftcards (Sears, BestBuy to name a couple) for less than they are worth. The auctions say that the buyer will have to wait a few weeks for the cards because they must be ordered.

Where does one get such a deal? We need Best Buy discounts, we are buying a new fridge soon (it is a scratch 'n dent to save money! Woohoo!) and were wondering how to get such a deal for ourselves. They are on larger amount cards ($250, 500, 1000) and sell on eBay for about 80-85% of the value.



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I honestly believe that they come from dishonest employees.

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No, these are bought by the companies in bulk, so they get a discount. It is like taking a coupon in, but it is a giftcard instead.

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