taking a refrigerator apart

frustratediyMarch 9, 2013

I have an issue I need to address , I have a old refrigerator that s been in my basement like forever and doesn`t work anymore I don t think the freon is in there anymore cause the compressor is rusted to hell and I was thinking of pinching the lines coming out of it and cut it out so I can cut the refrigerator up in pieces so I can get it out of my basement I thought I would ask here if anyone agree s with the method to remove it thanks for any help I honestly don t think it has any freon left in the tank

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Check with the local utilities and/or municipality to see if there is an active recycling program.
There can be promotionals.

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Why cut in pieces? How did it get down there? If anything, remove the door(s) and haul it out of there.

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it got down there with back basement doors which are no longer there because of my back deck long story......

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Call the town officials.
In order for the local garbage men to haul the old refrigerator I had to have the refrigerator tagged that it was inspected and all freon removed. You do not know if it is empty until they attempt a collection. It cost 35 dollars to have this process down regardless if the tank was empty or full.
The doors pop off .
I found the doors to be heavier than the actual refrigerator.

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Freon is dangerous if inhaled. For your own protection, don't just assume the refrigerator has none. Get rid of it properly.

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