Please help me with posting pix

floweryearthMarch 17, 2009

(I accidentally posted this at the html site, but I think I was supposed to post it here.)

I figured out most of how to use the gallery test forum, but I was wondering if someone could help me with the following:

1. How do you post multiple pics?

2. How do you type a description above each pic?

3. How do you post pics without having it appear as a blue link that you have to click on? -- (Like how some people have the pics directly on the post or reply without the reader having to click on a blue link.)

I really tried my best. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!



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First you need to upload your picture to another website like Photobucket. (stores your images)
Then get the URL (code) for that picture.
You copy the code of it to paste here for that picture to show up.
You have to choose the HTML code from Photobucket!

Like this:

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