another "where to end backsplash"

kitchen-renoApril 8, 2014

I was planning on taking our backsplash to the end of the upper cabinets, but then the woman at the tile store said she'd go to the end of the base cab. Now I'm not sure what to do!

Here are pics of the 2 spots I'm wondering about. We have this awkward bump-up where a pipe is. I intend to wrap the backsplash around the wall, then need to know if I should end at the upper, or end at the base. It's hard to tell in the picture but it's 3 inches different.

In case it matters, counter will be leathered Jet Mist and backsplash will be carrera subway tile (likely polished)

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and here is the 2nd picture. I should have turned the other light on - sorry its so dark.

there will be a counter here, extending 12 inches from the base cab. Would you end backsplash at the counter or the upper cab?

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It's a personal choice, many here say either way is fine. I prefer to end it at the end of the counter and not at the end of the upper cabinet. Especially with 3" difference.

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I vote for lower cabinet as well.

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Bring your tile straight down from the upper. It looks weird to have that little bit of wandering tile that goes beyond the uppers. It seems to be an older practice that you don't see much any more, along with side splashes.

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End at the upper cabinet on both areas. It would look odd to take it all the way to the counter edge in your second photo and I think they should be treated the same.

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Ck_squared: that was my thought as well. Ending at the longer counter would look funny (I think?) and they should prob be the same. Although, you can't see both spots at once. They're both on the same long wall, different ends

The first picture is very visible when walking into my house by the most often used entrance so I am most concerned about that spot. It's already odd bc of the pipe.

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I would bring it down from the end up your upper cabinet. On the one side right by the door you "could" take it all the way to the door frame & down to the floor. But to keep it uniform to the other side I would probably end it at the upper cabinet as well. Otherwise you will have it sticking out the top & you will have to have a bullnose piece & decide how to do the corner.

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I just had this dilemma several months ago and I hope you learn from my mistake. Thinking it would be better to have tile all the way down to the end of the countertop, I aligned the tile at the counter end rather than at the upper cabinet. It looks goofy with the little 1" jut out with the bullnosed corner piece I thus needed, and if I had it to do over, I'd end at the upper cabinet.

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Do just one row of subway tile on the area with the chase in it. It will look like the traditional short backsplash. For the other, stairstep it down from the wall cabinet to the actual counter width.

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Well the day has come when I disagree with LWO. Stairstep draws the eye right to that spot, and it's probably not an area you want to focus on.

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