Scanning Photo Negatives With Psp 8.10

flutteringbyMarch 21, 2006

Hi All,

This morning hubby found a box of old photo negatives that had been taken in the early 1950's.....they were the large kind that they used to have; much too large to fit in the slide/negative adapter that I have on my scanner (HP 3970).....

So I laid 6 of them on the scanner bed & scanned as an "Image From Glass".......after the scanner did it's thing, I opened the scanned image in Psp & cropped & saved each one separately......then I opened them one at a time & then:

- clicked Adjust; Negative Image - this reversed my negative image & made it a "photo"

- clicked Adjust; Brightness & Contrast; Auto Contrast Enhancement (or you could do this step manually)

The results were amazing!!!.....all these old images were brought back to life!!......I was really impressed, but now I bet I'm setting myself up for a major photo project......LOL....

So don't throw those old negatives out, you might be surprised what you can do with them.....


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Thank you for sharing with us.
I am guessing you scanned the negative like you do a photo.
Then you did your magic in PSP?
I will have to try that.


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Wow. I never would have thought to try something like that.

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Yes, Urlee....I scanned the negatives just like a photo....I should have mentioned that they were black & white negatives, guess they hadn't invented color back then.....* G *....

I figured that if the Negative Image setting, under Adjust, would change a photo into a negative then maybe it would change a negative into a photo; & it did!

Psp never ceases to amaze me!


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Thank you so much for sharing this, I also would have never tried it. I think I will keep this under my hat for now, as I agree with you, it could open up a whole new career in friend and family photo editing.

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WOW What a cool tip
I never thought of trying the negative option in reverse.
Thank you FlutteringBy
Sue :)

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