old B&W photo

mst___March 22, 2006

Can this photo be fixed? I'm doing a scrapbook of old B&W photos and there are a few like this. TIA

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Yes it can. But I don't know how. I'm sure someone (Joy) will come along and be able to help though.

Such a nice picture. She really looks very happy!

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I can work on that for you this afternoon. Unless someone else gets to it first.

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Amy is there any chance you could explain what you do to fix it too :)

LOL I had a play with the scratch remover, contrast and retouch tools and just made it look 100x worse!

Sue :)

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Thanks Amy. It would be great if you can fix it. I have no idea on how to even begin. I'd love to know what you do to it so I can try it on some other photos that I have.

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I'm going to push this back up. I'm really hoping someone can fix this picture and tell me how it's done. Pretty Please!

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What I would do is scan the photo at a very high resolution and scale it to a large size (at least double what it is in reality). So that I had an image about as big as 8 by 10 and 300 dpi. This is a large file, if you system isn't capable of moving quickly around that large of a document then you would have to come back down some on the dpi(resolution).

I would then open it in whatever touch up program you have. I use Photoshop. I wouldn't do a blanket scratch remove or blur filter. The contrast and washout over the center of the photo make those effects uneven. You would have to painstakingly touch up each defect as you work quadrant by quadrant through the picture. Mostly I would use the smudge tool and cloning tool to fill in the lost data. After all that brain-bleeding work I would flatten the whole image and then play with the sharpen filter (just a bit) and contrast to even out the tones and then punch up the black a bit. It would take an afternoon. But it certainly is salvageable.

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