stardomMarch 3, 2007

I saw this done by a member on one of the MSN groups(I hasten to add, better than my effort)so I thought I would give it a try,getting the water effect just right for the droplet was quite a task, still needs work on it, got a bit of a shudder. Done with sqirlz water effects. I thought you might like this one Carol.

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Yes Hazel I do. Was there a tut for it? I downloaded the new program. Trying to decide if it is much better than Sqirlz. I used it and saved a gif, but it saved it very tiny even at the large save setting. Also added a sound to it but when saved it never played.

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No Carol, there wasn't a tutorial for it.These are the settings I used.
No of ripples 1 Height 94 Width 100 Ripple speed 100
Ripple decay 4 Crests 7 Perp.30 Blur 1 Tex. 0
Trans.100 Wave 91 It is Hit or Miss.
New Programme, I think I jumped in with two feet, I like the water effect better than Squirlz, and the animation of waterfalls is smashing.
All music has to be converted into PCM format, I have done this and it does work.
Weather effects and animated objects will not show in a gif file.
This programme is marvellous for making screensavers.
The creators have asked for my comments, I have sent them a long detailed list. Oh why didn't I do my homework, still its something else to play with.

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Hazel my hat is off to you. I tried this unsuccessfully as you can see in Natures Illusions.


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