What am I doing wrong?

sugar_flMarch 25, 2005

It seems like the more I try the more problems I run into.

I am trying the tut below but my patern gets seams.

What am I doing wrong?

Here is a link that might be useful: Tut I'm trying to do

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That's because it's not a seamless pattern. There is a great free small program to use for seamless backgrounds. It's called 20/20.

Here's the link to the download site...

You can take this...

And get this...

After you open up 20/20, for some weird reason, you won't see the program in full screen view, but you will see the controls up top for it. You'll see what I mean when you open it.

To do a seamless tile, open up an image from your files, and click on IMAGE / SEAMLESS TILE.
Then save it and that's it!

However, if you want to see how it will look in full view, then click on IMAGE / MUTED BACKGROUND.
Make sure the checkmark is in seamless tile.
Then click on the Preview button.

If you also want to fade the background, then slide the opacity bar to lower and preview again.
(This is a great feature to get backgrounds faded for use on e-mails so text can be read over it.)
Then just click on APPLY when it's what you want, then click on FILE / SAVE AS.
Make sure you put in what you want in the FILES OF TYPE area...most likely JPG or JPEG.
Click on the OPTIONS button and slide the quality button to BEST, if that's what you want and OK that box.
Now save it to your folder of choice and that's it.

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You can also make a seamless tile in PSP 7...8...9.

From Help:
You can turn a selection into a custom, seamless pattern which you can use for applications like painting, adding text, or creating Web page backgrounds.

To create a custom pattern:

Make a selection in the image.

Choose Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling to open the Seamless Tiling dialog.

Choose the tiling method, direction, settings, and corner style, and then click OK.

Note: To use the pattern that you create, save it in the Patterns folder of the Paint Shop Pro program folder and select it as your foreground or background material, see Choosing Patterns. You can then use the pattern to paint, create text, or fill an entire image.


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I got 20/20 downloaded & working. I didn't realize a seamless tile would look like this:

I thought they would be the same. Wonder where the light come from? I sure like the way it makes a muted background :) I haven't had time to see what else it does. Dar
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Thanks Summer
I downloaded 20/20 too. Haven't had a good play with it yet but it looks very interesting.
Sue :)

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