Flat rooftop used as a Patio

wethead4March 30, 2010

Hello, I was wondering if any experts can provide some insight for my condo associations dilemma. We have been having countless rooftop issues, such as roof leaks, bubbles, failing beams due to rot, name a problem we've had. Now, top floor owners have exclusive rights to the rooftop, they've actually partitioned off each space using planters. They also have patio furniture, but lately have been putting other storage items up there. Currently, to make the roof usable, the roof has 4x4 walkpad mats (which have a loose particle layer that actually cause drainage issues)on top of the actual roof membrane. Other building unit owners have become increasingly discontent b/c lately, the roof has required costly repairs and resulted in several leaks, all of which was paid in the form of assessments to the entire building. But since there is no real way to prove that the problems have been a result of top floor unit owner negligence, everyone in the bulding has to pick up the tab.

My question is two fold, Is there a recommended limit on what can be put up there, and two, is there a relatively inexpensive alternative to the walkpads that does not have a loose particle layer that can clog the drain? One owner suggested we use the max allowable weight for snow (which i believe is about 3 feet of snow or 25 lbs/sqft as a guidline) input would be much appreciated.

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You need to tell us whaere you live, the kind of roofing, the roof structure, the roof edge treatment (parapet, railing, etc. and the applicable building code.

Doesn't the Condo assoc. review and approve design documents? Isn't an architect or engineer's stamp required by the assoc.? The town should becasue it is a multi-family dwelling. A roof is not considered occupied unless you propose that use to the building department and get their approval. Putting pads down does not establish a legal use.

Make sure the protections already in place are being enforced properly.

If the roof membrane has a stone ballast I doubt it was intended to be occupied by the designers.

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Check your CC&R's.
They should specifically address archetectual issues.
If the archetectuals and/or practices are in place that violate these without board approval and/or have been ammended they are illegal and can be ordered removed.
If they are not voluntarily removed, the board can have it done.
Should there be a special assesment needed, so be it.

If the board has its head in the sand, and are a bunch of namby-pambys, replace it.

You can choose to increase the value of the community, or let it be adversly affected, by a few.

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What is "a loose particle layer that can clog the drain?" Is it built-up asphalt roofing with a gravel top surface? How old is the building? How old is the roofing?

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