best vent hood

Holly- KayApril 24, 2013

I am looking at vent hoods and would like to stay under 1,000 if at all possible. I will have a 30" induction cook top and it needs to be an under cabinet style. My head is spinning!

I found one that I thought would be good but geesh it doesn't include the blower. Why don't they just include the blower and increase the price?

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Some hoods don't include the blower because people want to use external blowers with them.

Check out Kobe hoods - various styles and sizes and people are generally happy with them.

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We like our Kobe hood at that price point. Also looked at Zephyr, which was around there too. They both make nice undercabinet models (though ours is a chimney hood so no direct experience--but I think the guts are pretty much the same, at least for Kobe).

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Holly- Kay

Ty Weissman and artemis. Kobe was one of the hoods that I was looking at!

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