best quality roofing shingles?

dccnmMarch 26, 2010

We will be replacing our roof this spring. It has two layers of shingles so the roof will be stripped down and replaced totally. We live in Connecticut and our house is in a very shady area so currently moss and lichen are a big problem. I am in the process of getting estimates and am confused by the different companies. Is there a significant difference between them? I will be looking for a 30 yr-lifetime shingle. Clearly the contractor is the most important variable, but assuming I am lucky enough to get a proper job done, is there a big difference between GAF, Certainteed, and Tamko for instance?

I have read about zinc strips to decrease the likelihood of moss and algae but one contractor said the newer shingles are much more algae resistant so the zinc would be overkill. True? Since the cost is relatively inexpensive, my gut is to add it to the project.

My attempts at doing google searches to compare the products has been unsuccessful so I am hoping to learn more here.


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One thing you might look for is shingles with 3M's Scotchgard algae prevention granules. These are used in a lot of different companies' products and include a guarantee against algae (though, interestingly, not against moss). They are copper granules mixed in with the conventional granules. Algae and moss do not like metals, so the copper keeps them from getting a foothold.

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Interesting. I didn't pick up on the fact that there was not guarantee against moss! I have decided to go for both--the algae resistant shingles AND the zinc strips. My roof will need all the help it can get if the current one is any indication.

Any comments on the different brands of shingles--Certainteed, GAF, Tamko? Each of the three estimates I have gotten favor a different brand....

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Algae won't hurt the shingles it just leaves a black residue. Adding pure zinc or copper strips is coltly and the copper granules in algae resistant shingles should be effective enough. Check with local lumberyards to see if they are effective but redundancy isn't a bad thing.

Here is a link that might be useful: info

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Does liken or moss hurt the shingles?

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dccnm: what did you end up going with?

macv: I just found this thread since I'm investigating shingles for a new roof in CT. My research says that algae, moss etc. hurt the roof in several ways especially with moisture which rots the wood under the roof. I've read several articles on algae. I'm attaching a link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: removing moss etc.

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Just wanted to follow-up in case anyone finds this old thread while doing a search.

We used the algae resistant shingles AND the zinc strips. My roofer thought the zinc was fabulous. It's inexpensive, apparently easy to install, and (fingers crossed) not one sign of algae or moss to date. The roofer is so impressed that when he recently redid the roof on his own home he added them to his project.

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