Bi-fold door screw question

anita55March 12, 2011

Hi everybody, hope someone has an answer for me on this, appreciate it!

We have a bifold door on the hall closet. We recently put in a new track and it's been fine for a few months. Now it seems that one of the screws has somehow worked its way out and is scraping whenever the door opens and closes. Does anyone know why this happens? Is there a way to keep the screw in securely? thanks.

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At this point you probably need to try a longer screw of the same size if there is anything for the longer screw to bite into.

If the screws are into just plywood with no blocking they are liable to continue to come out.

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If a longer screw doesn't work, try one with a thicker diameter.

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Thank you. We are trying your suggestions and hope it will hold.

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