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catherinetMarch 12, 2013

I have an Epson PictureMate Personal Photo Lab for making prints out of my stored computer images. Its worked great for about 7 years. It started making green pics and I couldn't seem to fix it myself. I took the ink cartridge out and tried it in an older PictureMate machine that I had hardly ever used, and I couldn't get it to print.

Finally re-tried to get the newer one working again, having heard its important to clean the ink jets several times.

I probably cleaned the old jets a couple times, and the new jets a couple time (its an internal function), and realized that my brand new ink cartridge is almost empty.......and it cost about $30.00. It appears that cleaning the ink nozzles uses up a ton of ink.........which isn't written anywhere. Its a bummer since they are so expensive.

Actually, it was a new ink cartridge because the previous "new" one said "half empty" after 1 picture. But at that time I hadn't kept track of how often I may have cleaned the heads.

Anyhow..........anyone have one of these machines and finds that cleaning the ink jets uses up a ton of ink??

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I would suggest 7 years is about the limit for printers. Perhaps you have not used the printer for a while and the ink has dried in the nozzles. Imagine how tiny the nozzles must be to provide such precise placement of the inks to create the various colours.

I would not suggest having the printer repaired without a firm quote, new printers are cheaper than repairs I suspect.

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