Kitchen Window Ideas?

SparklingWaterMarch 26, 2012

Hello. I'm new to GW forums yet already treasure your insight and advice. My spouse and I are planning a galley kitchen/pantry remodel. I am seeking ideas on what to do, if anything, with our galley's sole east-facing window. It rests in the eat in pantry room of our long kitchen/pantry which is connected through a 48 inch open door frame. Trim to trim it's a double hung wood 52" x 40" window, with 26" plaster interior walls on each side and brick wall externally. Functionally it is sound as well as does not leak. I could change it out to a bay style window, similar to that in the adjacent family room. There is no space to expand up, as the vertical height is limited to 14" to ceiling. I could leave it as is and put the money to the recessed and under the counter lights. I'm wondering how costly a bay window installation would be approximately, given it would involve brick removal , etc. We are not DIY's on this project. I believe aesthetically a bay window would be more pleasing as one enters our long two room kitchen and pantry galley from any of three doors, as well as add continuity in style to family (bay window) and dining rooms. Thank you for your suggestions and, if possible, window replacement estimates.

Interior of Window


Adjacent room bay window interior

Photo's taken @ noon so east light gone.

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The range possible price tags is too wide to be of any use to you. You need to get three bids from local reputable contractors to get a good idea of the price and what it will look like.

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Thanks for your suggestion to get three local GC bids for a bay window modification. If that doesn't work out and since it's fully functional, l'll probably leave it as is, minimize window coverage to maximize light and add recessed and new suspended eating light.

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