Speaking of Toilet Paper: Research Result on Reuse

joyfulguyFebruary 2, 2009

This is reiteration of an old thread ... but one that developed some interest in the past.

Some of you recent comers might find it interesting.

Enjoy - and enjoy your week.

ole joyful

Here is a link that might be useful: Study Project on Reuse of Toilet Paper

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Sorry, ole joyful but I'm too squeamish to look!

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Yeah, bumblebeez, it reminds me of when my nine year old grand-daughter was in the grocery store with me. As we went down the paper products aisle she was reading the labels and exclaimed "Recycled toilet paper???? Yuk!"

But it's not like that :-)

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Courage, BumbleBeez ... courage.

We'll await your reaction tomorrow ...

... with bated breath.

o j

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No, no, Bumblebeez ... it's not in the outhouse ... we're a little more modern than that! You did note that we're into "research", did you not?

What happened ... did you fall down the hole??

o j

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How timely! Last night driving home from a meeting I happened to notice a very tall stately evergreen wearing a crown of toilet paper right up near the top. Joyful I had to grin when your name popped into my mind - I was thinking you'd have a way to get it down. Good bit of reasearch and follow up joyful.....still a good read!

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Well, maybe will reuse the TP from some liquid bathroom trips. But that is bout it.

I reuse Kleenex twice, floss 2 or 3 times and can reuse mouth wash once or twice if desperate. (Rinse mouth with water first to get the loose stuff our or brush teeth first.)

Paper towels all get reused if not oily or too dirty.

Tons of money get wasted on paper products I used to grab 2 or 3 Kleenex at a time without even thinking bout it. Started to use old style handkerchiefs as I did when I was a kid to save on paper.

Military showers save on water too. Especially important in the summer during growing season as it eats up water.


Some other thing's I extend.

Soy sauce - 50% or more dilution with water. Tastes OK but started to do it to reduce the astronomical salt content.

Pancakes - WW pancake mix is very high priced. I dilute Aunt Jemima with 40% WW flour and a little corn meal and rye flour. The leavening in the Aunt Jemima is enough as is to work with the plain flour.

Again started to do it for sodium cut back, but great to add whole grains to it as well. I use an egg and part milk in the batter. Or can use just water, but like egg better. do not use oil, but probably would be better with oil.

Maple syrup - use 10% water in it

Grape juice - add 40% water for a lighter drink with less calories.

OJ - fresh squeezed I add 15% to 20% water and a table spoon of sugar if the oranges are tart

Hand dish liquid soap -- I dilute 50% with water and it is still thick. I use it on sponges more than in sinks, so have not tested it except for sponge washing use.

An interesting site...


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Hi keepitlow,

Here, here, now ... you're not to squeeze me, keepitlow ... fresh or not!

Good ideas that you offer.

o j

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