a healthy and perhaps frugal tip...

mvastianFebruary 19, 2004

Do you use air freshener in your bathroom for toilet odors?

(I hate the chemicals and it seems a waste of money)

You can light a couple of matches instead and burn up the smelly gas. It really works. We've done it for years. In a more difficult case you can light a couple more moving them around the room a bit.


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Hi Maria,

Don't wait until too many have used the room in succession, though.

Might blow up - all that methane, dontcha know.

Does burning a candle help?

Have a great, odour-free day, all.

joyful (lacking a very good smeller)

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Hi Ed,

I think candles work the same way.
(And I was sure I'd get a response from you. LOL!)


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You just made me remember a party that I went to years ago I'd completely forgotten! The hostess kept a large,decorative bowl of dried orange peels with a lighter thrown inside on the back of her toilet. Naturally, I had to ask what it was there for because it was unusual. She told me that while growing up in Germany almost everyone did this (with matches, instead of lighter, I'd expect). Anyway, she showed me how you'd light the end of a peel (they smoke and smell, yup, just like a dried, burning orange peel) then you fan it around a little. It eventually burns out by itself leaving lots of peel unburnt. This was nothing at the time I wanted to teach my kids to do!

Yes, I use a non-aerosol spray. If I want to have guests over there are some things I won't put them through. I always make sure there's an extra roll of TP in view, too, if it's gonna be a long day.

There's an old saying that went "It's a darn poor pig that can't stand it's own stink". Many folks can stand their own but, I don't think any of us care to share someone else's, though.

P.S. What the above saying was originally meant to mean was - if you make a mess for yourself don't complain. Of course, why should I still remember this in my memory banks for present or future reference? Guess I"ll remember it now while picking up my cigarettes I'm "quitting" smoking in my 20 degree garage - not in my house, now! LOL

Eileen :-)

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Have a candle handy. Also lighter. Also orange peel.

When indicated - light the candle. Hold the peel beside the flame. Twist the peel, which forces out a small spray of oil, which will light in the candle flame.

May not cover as great a volume as your concept, though.

I've recently talked to our provincial and federal members of legislative bodies, while we were discussing implementing the Kyoto environmental deal. Many here, especially business types and people in the province that produces most of our petroleum, are wailing because we passed it, the U.S., our biggest trader which accounts for over three-quarters of our exports, didn't.

I asked the legislators which is smarter - a pig or a cow?

They, lacking farm background, didn't know.

When we were kids, farmhands gone to World War II, in spring 1940 (*) I was kept out of school at age 11 to drive steel-wheeled tractor to sow crops.

Farming's close to our core as people - what we learn there isn't easily forgotten: I haven't lived on farm for about 55 years. I'm still at heart basically a farm kid, I think.

Dad built wooden plank platform in our pigpens, we threw forkful of straw into them, pigs slept there.

When we kids were running around playing, we could go into those platforms and lie down - they were clean. Pigs slept there, they all dirtied (both types) elsewhere, and ate at trough in a third location.

A cow will **** (4-letter word for barnyard by-product) in its own manger.

So - in my mind, pigs is smarter than cows.

And people have more in common with cows than with pigs, it seems to me, for we are surely messing up the place where we live.

End of today's sermon, all.

ole joyful

P.S. Does smoking in bathroom accomplish same end?

Or does one's semi-anaesthetized smeller buds just notice the problem less?

Of course - then one has the smoke smell plus residue with which to cope.

A great place for addicts trying to quit smoking to find some good ideas, inspiration and empathetic friends and a lot of help with the Quit is at www.quitnet.com .


(*) Yes, World War II had been going for half a year by the spring of 1940 - the U.S. didn't agree that Hitler and his cohorts were a nasty and dangerous lot for another year and a half -and only then when Hitler's buddy kicked them in the *** (rear end).

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Our hostess could have also added dried lemon peels to add more "colour" to her peel collection. Would probably smell like yup, dried, burnt, lemon peel. The lighter still has to be recycled, wooden matches waste trees, paper matches during production pollute water. (If using this system, I think the danger of fires in the bath from folks who've been drinking along with potential mischief by small children is obvious). What's the environmentally best answer? I still vote for some kind of environmentally friendly room spray. The non-aerosol type I have is Ambria brand but it has no ingredients on it. I think if someone wanted to use this woman's system in the bathroom, using lemon peels, as well, would add a little "humour" so we could at least say "When life gives me lemons, I use the peel to get rid of the "odours". LOL

Yes, I've heard pigs are quite smart and can even be trained like dogs. Some folks go so far as to say pigs are smarter than dogs. This may be true but I wouldn't want to be seen in my neighborhood walking one.

P.S. I wonder if using that system citrus peel system in your bath to deodorize qualifies you loosely as a "smoker".

Eileen :-)

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