Shopping Tips Worth Repeating

bud_wiFebruary 1, 2007

Tips to save money shopping. I learned a couple of new ones here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shopping Tips

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I am 7 out of 10... and I don't think I'll ever do the three I'm not doing now.

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I'm 7 out of 10 also and was glad to see i'm doing my part to frustrate big business.

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I had some problems with several of those tips. Not buying a service contract, paying off a credit card, buying end of season items (in reasonably quantities) etc, are "givens", but running to a store to pick up a loss leader, or as some do, travel the countryside to go to stores to pick up loss leaders, often ends up being little if any savings to the consumer albeit quite profitable to the oil companies.

For the shop in a store and buy online, well, it can be the same issue. I shopped online and bought my dryer in the store. I got it cheaper and got a better dryer.

For the 2fer, why buy one if you don't need it? If it's a good deal and if you'll use it in a reasonable period of time, buying the second isn't a big thing to me. I have a much bigger problem buying the gigantor size from a Costco or Sam's Club than buying a couple user-friendly sizes. It needs some savvy shopping.

The credit card scam is a dangerous one and needs to be handled carefully. In the old days, this was practical enough, but today, opening and closing a bunch of credit cards will adversely affect your credit rating. This is an old "tip" and the author hasn't checked things out. Proceed with caution and use common sense.

One thing that is a good suggestion is to buy accessories separately. But again it gives a blanket statement that it'll be cheaper on eBay, which isn't always true. Online shopping though can result in substantial savings. I've been buying car chargers, cases, etc for cell phones for a fraction of the cost of buying it with the phone and often it's much cheaper than fleabay.

Shop wisely, and enjoy the challenge. It's worth it.

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I only do two of the 10.

Buying Loss Leaders and Leaving: No, I know which store has the better prices on items I routinely purchase. It's not worth my time to run across town for a loss leader.

Using Credit and Paying it Off on Time: No, we don't purchase items unless we can pay for them, so using the regular credit cards are fine.

Saying NO to the Extended Warranty: Yes, I do this. My fix it guy is cheaper than the extended warranty.

Activating Your Own Phone With A Cell Phone Company: The phones provided by the company were the best deals. Our area just got rid of analog, which we prefer.

Shopping in the Store But Buying Online: No, I don't do this. I prefer to support my local merchants and by the time I would pay shipping, any savings is gone.

Buying 1 When its 2 for $5: Yep, I do this one.

Opening A Store Credit Card To Get A Discount, Then Cutting It Up: No, I just don't want to be bothered. Clothing is always on sale somewhere.
Using Websites to Track 30 Day Price Guarantees: no.

Buying Seasonal Items at Clearance Prices (For Next Year): No, I rarely do this. Most items I want are reduced quickly and I don't want to store items for later. I've found it is a waste of money to try and figure out what size my kids will be in a year.

Buy "Accessories" on Ebay Rather Than Paying Huge Markups: What we need usually comes with the item.


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