Yahoo Expands E-mail Storage

Summer_NHMarch 24, 2005

Thought someone may be interested in this.


Yahoo expands E-mail storage to 1 GB

Yahoo said late Tuesday that it will increase the storage for each free e-mail account from 250 megabytes to 1 gigabyte. The expanded storage will be available in mid-April, said Brad Garlinghouse, Yahoo's vice president of communications products.

This announcement keeps Yahoo hot on the heels of Google's Gmail service also set for full launch in April.

The battle over free email services among Yahoo, MSN and Google started last year when Google released Gmail offering 1Gb of mail folders. MSN and Yahoo have played catch since then.

In addition to that Yahoo will also expand its suite of security tools that will include virus scanning and cleaning from Symantec's Norton products, reports

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Very interesting Summer.

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Geeze, I have the 250 MB right now and no matter how much email I process every day, mine never goes above 6% full! 1GB would be beyond anything I'd ever need! :)

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Just love that tag Summer! I use yahoo as my second e-mail, for anything I order on line or register for, their scanning for spam is just wonderful, wish comcast was as dilegent.

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I agree with Amy. I use my yahoo address for that forum I was telling you about and even with all the emails I get each day from that I never use too much space and some of them are fairly good size. Better too much than not enough!!

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