Garage floor lip

txmatMarch 20, 2009

I have a cement garage floor and driveway. There is a 3/4 inch lip at the front of the garage. (I assume this is to keep water out of the garage.) I have a table saw on a stand with small casters. I like to move the saw to the driveway, but the caster to stand clearance is not sufficient to go over the lip without dragging the stand feet on the cement. What can I do to modify the lip so that I can roll the stand over it without jeopardizing the water protection the lip offers?

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Take a 1 x 6 and bevel or plane the edges to create a smooth transition between the two surfaces. Lay that down when you need to roll the saw in and out and pull it back up the rest of the time.

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Thanks for the idea. That is the kind of simple idea I was looking for. I had thought of a ramp, but was making it to complicated in my head.

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You can also use a 2'x4'piece of 1/8" masonite to layover the lip. The saw will easily traverse the 1/8" lip of the masonite.

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Thanks Ron, I would not think the Masonite is strong enough to handle the weight of the contractor saw. As for the 1 X 6, can I use my table saw to put the bevel in since it would be about a 60 degree angle? If yes how do you set it up since the saw will only tilt to 45 degrees?

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Risky, but you could attach it to another 2 x 6 on edge, shim out the bottom as necessary for the angle, tack the two boards together on top only (where the saw blade will NOT pass through the nails.) Then set the fence and run it through.

Or you could use a hand plane, power plane, or belt sander.

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