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amy_z6_swpaMarch 30, 2005

I know I really need to start posting tags and siggies again, but I've just been so wrapped up in my pixel dolls lately. I did do a few tags from Kat Korner though....

here is a new one I made last night, for a hobby contest. It's of me as a birder (birdwatcher), complete with a field guide. :)

Body base by DHF

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Now that is really an accomplishment! They seem to be so time consuming, and you do such beautiful work.

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Thanks Judy & Carol! Yes, each doll takes at least a few hours. A lot more if you make your own body base first. That doll took me about 2-3 hours. The shading seemed to go quickly compared to my other dolls.

I made my second Arwen Evenstar doll & costume yesterday, for a contest:

Body base by DHF That one took about 4\-5 hours, even though I started with the basic dress outline I'd already made from my first Arwen doll (which was of her coronation gown). I ended up having to redraw and rework almost the whole dress due to the different design elements of it. Then I made all new hair because it was a different style than at the coronation. :)

Sorry for rambling!

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Ohhh, I love those Amy! I just love dolls and also the ones they call dollz, like the one on my sig tag. Love them all!

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Ooooooo Amy please ramble away. I'm totally impressed and love seeing and hearing about your dolls
Sue :)

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Thanks Summer & Sue. Summer you make great dollz tags. That style of doll (called preps, I think) was the first style ever made, and there are so many things to choose from for those, it's really neat. People who make preps must spend entire days or weeks just making clothing LOL

That Arwen doll was challenging because the upper half of the dress & sleeves had specific patterns to them. And doing those long sleeves is never fun! LOL especially Arwen's coronation gown, because the sleeves go almost to the floor. I'm still trying to perfect those.

If anyone would like to see all my dolls I have a website devoted to dolling, it's here :) that way I won't clog up the graphics forum with too many dolls.

I think I'll browse thru Kat Korner later today and make some new sig tags! :)

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