Help! Hardiplank installation problems

yam2006November 22, 2006

I recently hired a gold-certified Hardiplank installer to replace the siding on my house. They removed my old siding last week and began installing the new siding yesterday. There have been several problems already. What is the best way to get this stuff installed correctly?

A partial list of problems follows:

1) Siding is face nailed, not blind nailed as specified in contract

2) Nails are deeply overdriven throughout

3) Some pieces of siding and trim are cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged

4) Gaps around pipes/cables are very large and poorly done

5) Guest bathroom window is no longer flush with wall

6) Too many nails throughout (on siding as well as trim)

7) Trim improperly installed along bottom of wall in one place (should not need trim here)

8) Many nails are not driven perpendicular; some are hammered flat sideways on the siding

9) Many areas of the house are still exposed to weather with no house wrap (since last week)

  1. Trim leaves holes along interface between siding and masonry. Also not flush with garage doors.
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1. Stop work immediately.

2. Contact Hardie Customer Service to get their input: Is there really such a thing as a "gold-certified" installer (I didn't find any reference to this on their web site)? Does Hardie care that someone is doing a crappy job with their product? What standards should you expect?

3. Talk with the installer to determine what's going on, and be firm about what you expect and why you're dissatisfied. Then decide if you're willing to have the installer continue.

4. Talk with a may need one to get out of the contract and collect damages.

It's hard to tell what is going on here, but it sounds like you have some incompetent people on this job. Time to get tough....

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Don't forget to start taking pictures to document everything you've mentioned above, and be sure to:

(1) get the name & phone # of everybody you speak to at your contractor & Hardie
(2) Take notes, write them up ASAP after each conversation, and mail a copy or fax to the party you've spoken to (the last only if you think that's appropriate). But definitely start a folder with written documention of every contact, verbal and written, in person or remote, regarding this matter.

Do NOT depend on your memory for dates, exact phrases, etc. You need documentation for the facts to back up your complaint, as necessary.

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Have you thought about sitting down with the installer and reviewing the installation instructions? They are online, btw.

Following the installation manual is the best way to get it installed correctly.

There are other things that pro's just know.

For example:

Nails must be flush with siding panel.

Build out the bath/guest room window so it's not recessed.

Build out around garage door trim so it's not recessed.

Gap at masonry and siding will be caulked with an elastomeric caulk.

Your installer may need the "How To Video"


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I am building a house and I was not there for the install. Big mistake. Nails over driven, cracked boards, trim not shimmed and the list goes on.

Here's the link. You need to read it. Also, read the warranty.

Here is a link that might be useful: James Hardiplank

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Thanks everyone. I finally got a return call from the company owner. He stopped the foreman and he's coming out to the jobsite tomorrow with his other foreman to inspect the work so far (about halfway done). I'm hoping to meet them here.

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I too just had Hardiplank installed on my house. I hired a craftsman and had him read the installation manual online. He has done a wonderful job. Everything is lined up perfectly. I had a JH VP visit me recently and he commented that the installation was really really good. I think that finding a craftsman is the way. JH does certify installers but that does not mean that they will measure 2 times before they cut or draw a line around the house so that everytime they turn a corner the plank level is absolutely matched. BTW I also read the installation manual so that I could make sure my installer was on track. My installer had missed the part about flashing the top of the windows and when I gently pointed him back to the website he added the flashing. Do not let them install trim along the bottom of anything. That trim is not designed for nor will it hold up to bottom mounting.

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Make sure you have the contractors home address or a legitimate business address. If he is a 1-800 type contractor, you will never be able to serve him legal notice for small claims court or regular court depending on damages. If he uses a PO box, he is a shady character and has these problems often.

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