Frugal Junk Munchies?

pkockFebruary 24, 2004

This might sound like a silly request, as I know darn well the best answer is not to eat this stuff. However, I think my biggest money-waster with grocery money is junk food like potato chips, corn chips, tortilla chips, etc. *I* can certainly live without them... but the kids and especially my hubby FREAK if there aren't any here. Hubby doesn't like popcorn, for some reason, so that idea's out. Is there any way to make something like this more cheaply than I can buy it at the store? Preferably without taking more effort than it's worth?

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Understand completely about the need for munchies! What about onion rings---pretty easy to make in batches and can be frozen. I've never tried to make potato chips or the others-----to me (Ms. Lazy Lazy) it sounds like a whole lot of work. Maybe you could do some tortilia roll-ups or substitute some cookies and cupcakes.

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For sweets, it's cheaper to make your own Rice Krispie treats than buy them premade. And you can use the store-brand krispies.

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Well I bought one of those microwave chip makers...where you slice a potatoe and it cooks crispy in the micro. It is low fat....for me...well we like them...and I put different spices on them just to change the flavor. I can buy alot of potatoes for the $4.00 they seem to want for a bag...I have come across the one I have called Chip thrift stores for about a quarter. Works for me.

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Whole wheat tortilla chips sprayed with low fat oil spray, sprinkled with garlic salt and chili powder and baked until crisp at 350 degrees.

No fat sour cream with no fat cottage cheese and a package of onion soup mix, ranch dressing or italian dressing. You can also make your own with the herbs that go in them. I also add cooked, cooked and squeezed out spinach for a healthy snack.

I crave potato chips with sandwiches and find that a handful of nuts and raisans take the place of that now. Lots healthier and I buy the nuts at the dollar store.

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I bought a pop-corn hot air popper. It's much cheaper than the micro stuff. Can't believe that stuff is over a $1 per bag. I can buy a huge bag of corn for a little over $1 and get WAY more than those "nuke it" bags. Found a bottle of white cheddar salt for 50 cents and a little spray butter. YUM!

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If people would stop and figure out how much a pound potato chips, etc. cost, it would make them realize just how really expensive they are....not to mention the health risks due to the salt and fat. Let them snack on dried fruits.

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Storebrand Wally's wheat crackers are an addiction of mine. At a doolar a box, they are affordable junk. Celery and PB are big at home.I buy cookies at the dollar stores. There is usually at least one brand name cookie each time I go.I also make them alot, but even bulk butter and chocolate chips add up quickly. The quality is so high that the cookies vanish almost as soon as they are made,thus requiring twice the amount to last half as long as the dollar variety.Bulk raw sunflower seeds. Toasted pumpkin or squash seeds from food you've made. Just wash and dry on newspaper for a day. Season and toast.Stale bread makes great croutons. My kids eat those out of hand.My son loves Ramen noodles. They are cheap.A flat grill will make leftovers into quesadillas with little hassle.The tortillas are cheap for the possibilities. Iuse up leftovers once a week this way, but they also make great snacks. You can cut them into triangles and freeze them. They can toast or microwave by the piece.Sandy

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Aldi's cheese crackers (like Cheez Its) are 99 cents a box, and we like them.

Also, you could make your own bagel chips. Slice all the way around the bagel so you get a series of small, thin rounds. Season as you like, and bake like the tortilla chips above. Especially cheap if you can get them day-old, at a bakery thrift store, or even for 1 cent like they often have at Pathmark.

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