Lawnmower engine issue (B&S 5.5 hp)

marknmtMarch 27, 2013

We were given a reasonably new Husqvarna mower with a B&S 5.5 hp Diamond Power 4 cycle engine. The previous owner had overfilled the crankcase, but after draining the engine, cleaning the spark plug and adding new gas (with a touch of Seafoam added) the engine starts and runs.

But there is a noticeable miss as it runs. I still need to replace the air filter, and that may help, but is there anything else I can do to smooth it out?

I really don't think the machine has been used that much; it's kind of a heavy clunker and we may not keep it, but it would be nice to have it in good condition if we find somebody we could give it to.



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There is a lawnmower forum. Serious inquires will find more help there.

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Thank you, Bus. I didn't notice it when I looked, but I'll go there now.

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