polished nickel pulls, which of these two faucets...

lafaciaApril 18, 2013

Faucets I've selected are only available in chrome or brushed nickel. If I want to go with polished nickel pulls, which one of those two finishes would you choose for faucet?

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We have chrome with our polished nickel pulls and it looks lovely. I went with matching style of finish (polished) over the type of metal, but I imagine either would work.

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i also mixed polished chrome with polished nickel. it is hard to tell which is which when you look at them individually. the only time i can tell the difference is when i see the nickel and chrome side-by-side. then you can tell that the chrome is cooler, and nickel is warmer.

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I agree, finish is more important than metal. I'd go with the chrome if that's your only choice

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Polished chrome faucets. Polished nickel pulls. From what I've read, I'm very glad I do not have a nickel faucet. Lots of maintenance.

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Polished chrome faucet and polished nickel hardware for me too. I picked the hardware first. I knew I wanted polished nickel. But I purposely chose chrome for the faucets because of the low maintenance. They look great together. I would not hesitate to mix those polished finishes.

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What is the maintenance on polished nickel faucets?

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Thank you so much! I'm really not sure how anyone did a kitchen before this forum existed!! ; )

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"I'm really not sure how anyone did a kitchen before this forum existed!!"

Ha ... so true! But GW can be a blessing AND a curse. It can prevent you from making mistakes, but can also point out mistakes that you never even knew you made. Sometimes, oblivion is bliss.

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Holly- Kay

Too funny jellytoast! You are so right. I love this forum but it has been very much a blessing and a curse. I know my kd wishes I had never found this forum because it has made me question some factors that I wouldn't have even known about except for this forum!

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The curse is also that you end up spending more on stuff you never knew existed ;)

I've read other threads (and blogs and guides) about mixing metals, and not only is it accepted, I think the polished chrome/nickel combination would even earn the approval of most of the strict "metals much match" crowd. I got backed into this combination due to the limited availability on a particular faucet I wanted.

And to add, many people have stainless steel somewhere in their kitchen, and the satin finishes uses play off of those quite well.

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my polished nickel faucets are pretty easy to keep clean! i wipe them down with some silver polishing towelettes i found in the supermarket, rinse and dry with a clean rag. takes all of a minute.

i didn't want to mix the finishes in my kitchen, although i did in the baths.

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Threeapples--I've read on the forum about nickel tarnishing and needing polishing. Kate seems to have easy care faucets. So far, at least. If you do a search for Marcolo and polished nickel faucets, you'll find some far less friendly stories of maintenance. Even my polished nickel pulls need some wiping or semi-polishing with a dry cloth occasionally.

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the faucets are perrin and rowe. no special "easy care" finish. just polished nickel. i use the towelettes once a month, otherwise just wipe them down. it's really no big deal unless you want it to be. faucets have been in use for over a year.

we have well water -don't know if that makes a difference. i imagine the quality of the finish must vary depending on manufacturer, as i have a friend with a polished nickel faucet in her master bath that she is not happy with. i don't know what brand she used, but i have rohl (pn) faucets all over the house and they've been wonderful. in general i prefer "living" finishes. the coated finishes don't appeal to me at all as they look like they are encased in plastic. the finish on our oil robbed bronze doorknobs are changing depending on use. there's nothing i can do about it, and i would't want to.

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I am in the middle of a remodel so I do not have everything in yet or I would send you a picture. I am going with polished chrome for the faucet and distressed pewter for the knobs and pulls. I had nickel in my previous kitchen and didn't care for it.
I think you should mix it up and go with what you like.

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