Fridays Oil Painting

jacksmumMarch 25, 2006

Hi Everyone

Well you get a double dose this week as our daughter Mandy came to class with me, she decided to leave her water straight and the clever girl also decided to NOT listen to the teacher about making one side of the rocks a different color - it looks much better her way IMHO.

Hope you like them

Sue :)

This is mine:

and this is Mandy's:

Hope you are all having a great weekend

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Oh wow,
Great work both of you's.

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Both are really nice, hard to believe how two people can see things so differently, I like some parts of yours better, and then again I like some of hers. I agree with you about her rocks, but I like your water and waterfall.

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WOW!! I'm glad I don't have to judge which one is the best. They are both great!

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I love that you are posting both Mandy's and your work Sue - you both do wonderful work and it's fun to see the different creations.


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Another great painting. Your daughter is talented also. I can see where she gets it from.

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