Magnavox MS3250 C321 32T800 - 7629 shuts off after about 3 second

TTRONMarch 26, 2013

Hi all. I know this is an old TV set but I thiunk it is still usable if I can find the right fault!
My issue is this: the TV set picture will shut off quickly after turning it on.
After changing the channel it will come back on for a few seconds then shut off again.
The TV is still on but the Video is all that shuts off. I saw a post that said to test the 3340 resistor and it tests good so I checked all those R'ss right there in the CRT PCB but they were all reading a value. I do not have a schematic so I am wondering what to check next.
Thank you in advance for any help!

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Bump to move on down.

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What does "Bump to move on down" mean?

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Posts get bumped after sitting unanswered for many days so they don't keep sitting at the top of the forum. Why something so recent would get bumped I can't answer.

In any case, I suggest you re-post in the Electronics Forum here on GW where it is more likely to attract the kind of help you need.

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Thanks Kudzu9

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