Floor is sinking!

doodmanMarch 24, 2008

Hi there! In in middle of my garage, there is a support post to support the floor beams for the floors above. The metal post is embedded into a circular area of concrete on the floor. This circular concrete thing is slowly sinking! One side of it is about 3/4" below the level of the garage floor. I've got spider cracks on a couple of the doors above (bathrooms, and a bedroom have spider cracks at the corners of the door). I've emailed a couple structural engineering firms, but they haven't emailed back! I have no idea who to look for to fix this problem. I'm pretty sure I could fix it by getting two new posts and supporting either side of the existing post, then remove the existing post, digging out the circular base on which it sits a couple feet, and pouring a new concrete base; let it sit for a week or so and reinstall a new support beam, but one wrong move, and my house could fall down lol. What I'd REALLY like to do is get a steel I-beam installed instead of the wooden beams that support the floor, eliminating the need for the post in the middle of my garage. Can ANYONE point me in a direction (Columbus OHIO) to a company that can give me an estimate and take care of my problem? Thanks folks!

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For heaven's sake, just pick up the phone and get some contractors in there for quick estimates! You can't have your house fall in from upstairs waiting for e-mail.

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I would go ahead and frame a temporary wall the full span of the support beam until you can get an engineer, but no matter, get an engineers advise pronto. Stress that you feel this is mission critical, you know, highly unsafe!

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