Screened-In Porch Repair

catsgurleygirlMarch 6, 2012


So after cats and raccoons tearing through our screen (yet again-this seems to be a yearly project). We are trying to decide what to use this year. We are thinking aluminum, the bright not charcoal, with the expectation that it will hold up better. Do any of you have and experience with this material? I wanted to do the bright aluminum because I thought it may let in more light and be easier to see out of, is that true? My house does not get much light because of the screened in porch, so I want what I can get. Also, we have a pool. Will the glare from the bright aluminum be a pain because of the water looking at it from the outside?

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Cats and racoons will tear that up as easy as the fiberglass. You can try pet screen (heavier gauge aluminum) but they will tear through that as well (although not as quickly). The dark colored screen (charcoal or black) actually is easier to see thru then the brite aluminum.

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The real only solution to your wildlife problem is to install hardware cloth on top of the screening. That will not be that attractive of a look, so the better choice might be to seek to eliminate the cat/raccoon/opossum problem by not leaving pet food out to be an attractant. If you have outdoor animals that must be fed, be sure to remove any excess food by nightfall when the wildlife comes around. With no food source, they will cease to attempt B&E.

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Thank you!!

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How about the white recycled PVC lattice? It comes in 4x8 foot sheets.

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