gloriamMarch 23, 2006

When do I put a watermark on my gif that I'm making? I tried

putting it on at the end but then it flashes. Any body know how to do this?

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Hi There,

Will this be an animated gif or non-animated?....

If its animated, I would add it to my image while its still in Psp, before you duplicate the layers or image in preparation to move it to A/S.....

Maybe somebody else will have an idea or two....
Good luck,


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Hi! Have you tried to add it by using the propagate paste button. On your gif image, edit, select all, then edit, select all on the watermark, click on the propagate paste button, then drag the watermark to the gif.Don't let go until it is where you want it. It should then be on all the frames and not jumping. Hope this helps.

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Thank you, I will try that.

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