Visit half a dozen countries whenever you choose at no cost

joyfulguyJanuary 22, 2004

Learn many interesting things about half a dozen countries, and others as well.

No hassle of getting pasports, buying air tickets, waiting in airports, money exchange or security hassles.

Take the trip on any day that you choose.

At absolutely no cost (since you have computer and internet access - but you do need ability to receive sound).

Visit my thread dealing with this issue on the "Retirement" forum.

Happy no-cost travelling, everyone.

ole joyful

P.S. Especially interesting to night-hawks.


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just bumping it down

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Our national broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, carries rebroadcasts between 1:00 a.m. and 5:45 a.m. daily of programs from Radio Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Australia and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Many U.S. residents in areas borderng Canada can get the CBC programs on FM and AM Radio (this is on Radio One on FM).

It is available through most of North America also on Sirius Satellite 137.

You can find much information about their programing at

I find a number of those programs interesting and informative ... and hope that you find them so, as well.

ole joyful

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I've enjoyed CBC for a long time. Started with seeing it while in Canada one time and have been a fan since. Course I do have a friendly affection for our neighbor to the North anyway. Oh, BTW, thank-you Canada for sending down the much-appreciated cooler, drier air. After suffering with that southern 90°+ temp and 70°+ dewpoint sewage for weeks, it's so refreshing to be able to breath cooler, cleaner air!

Anyway, I also like the coverage on CBC. Much less hype and often an interesting perspective on news. I tuned in on the infamous "9/11" and after watching the US coverage, I really enjoyed watching a little more unbiased look at the world.

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You could also take a wonderful trip to your local library. My DH is in the Army and when ever he travels i will check out book on the country or region that he is at. This way the kids get to learn and understand where dad is at.

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Maybe a useful idea to offset the winter blahs.

Sleep 7 - 12.

Listen 12 - 5 ...

... meditate ...

... breakfast ...

... start out on another day with a spring in your step - lacking sleep-dulled eyes.

ole joyful

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